The Second Trade Development Facility (TDF-2) is a multi donor program financed by Australia, the European Union, Germany, Ireland, USAID, and the World Bank focusing on improving trade and private sector development in Lao PDR. The development objective of TDF-2, which is implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, is to support the implementation of government’s trade and integration priorities outlined in the 2012 Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) Roadmap, and in particular to contribute to improved competitiveness and diversification, focusing outside the natural resource sectors.

A 4-year project with appraised value of US$ 14 million, TDF-2 has three main components:
(a) Trade facilitation, trade policy and regulations;
(b) Diversification and competitiveness; and
(c) Mainstreaming aid for trade.

Services provided:
* Advised the Lao PDR government on the implementation of multilateral and regional trade in services commitments.
* Provided capacity building on TBT and SPS matters.
* Supported the creation of the Lao Services Portal.